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Spiritually Defining Men and Women: The Crown of All Creation (Volume 1)

God - the creator of all things in heaven and on earth. Genesis 1

Men - created in the image after the likeness of God. Genesis 1:26

Man was created in the image after the likeness of God, and is distinguished from the rest of creation by this simple yet very important and special fact. Nothing in heaven or on earth aside from men and women can share the image after the likeness of God. This wonderful gift from God; with all its beauty, handed down to mankind is often neglected by being taken for granted, so much so that men have lost their true meaning. Mankind the crown of all creation was formed from two elements. The first being from the earth (dust) and the second being from the heaven (the breath of life). Once the physical was formed from the dust of the earth the vessel (body) was created, but still no man. Man only came into existence when the creator breathed into the nostril of physical formation generated from the earth giving the body life.

So what does all of this mean for us today? This means that the breath of life God placed into man in order to establish life is the only definition of a man. In other words for centuries men and women have been in error for accepting that sex (male or female), accomplishments, success, social economic class, education, the ability to protect, provide, and so forth as the foundation for man or womanhood. God is spirit. Being created in "the image of God" is being created with the spirit of God, "the breath of life." Manhood is also spirit. Never were men or women to be considered from a material, flesh, or bone perspective. Society, the leader of this complicated day and age, says that a man is an adult male, having qualities considered characteristics of manhood; house, car, employment, etc. A woman is, on the other hand, an adult female, with appropriate qualities to represent women as a whole, e.g., wife, home maker, etc. Society says that a man and woman should be accomplished and capable of supporting a family.

So why are there so many of us constantly failing society's standards?

With "the image of God" being spirit, then what is "the likeness of God?" The likeness of God is the many crucial parts of the spirit. These parts set men and women apart from the materialistic, adult male, and females that society loosely deems to be men and women. There are seven (7) parts or attributes of the spirit that every true man and woman must possess in order to accurately live as men and women. God Himself placed each one of these attributes into man when he created life as a way for men and women to complement and elevate one another from the flesh and bone portrayal of man into the honest sense of man established by the creator (God). Here's a list of the seven attributes: love, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, reasoning, compassion, and faith.

All things God created were created from one source, and the source is love. Love is the very essence of God and everything he created. This is why love is first in the list of spiritual attributes defining mankind. Love exceeds all things and covers a multitude of sin. Not the type of love that fulfills the desires of the flesh, but the type of love that always complements mankind according to the plan, will, and purpose of God.

Love gives birth to wisdom. Wisdom is God's enlightenment and understanding of all that is right, true, and everlasting involving mankind.

Wisdom gives birth to knowledge. Knowledge is applying God's love, wisdom, and enlightenment in an experienced way in all that we do. Knowledge is displaying the truth in all God teaches.

Knowledge gives birth to understanding. Understanding in my opinion is crucial. The reason I say that this attribute is crucial is because understanding removes the judgement that we unfairly place on others. Understanding also gives us the assurance that it is okay to meet others on their level with an obligation to treat them with love and humility.

Understanding gives birth to reasoning. Reasoning is a showing of all things understood. Reasoning eliminates the self from generating opinions that may slow or reduce the rational and logical response needed to provide accurate support for those who need it.

Reasoning gives birth to compassion. Compassion is the deep feeling of sharing the burdens of others. Compassion is an inclination to give aid or support, helping in the challenges others are enduring by showing love and mercy.

Finally we arrive at faith. Faith is the belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. Faith in God is strengthened in the blood of Jesus Christ.

Men and Women are not flesh and bones. Mankind is the spirit of a male or female, connected to God, and the word of God through love, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, reasoning, compassion, and faith.

May God Bless You All.

- Johnny

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