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Inside Members

Johnny is from Indianapolis, Indiana. He is the father of seven children, four boys and three girls, and the husband to a beautiful wife. Johnny is passionate about becoming the best human being he can be. His hobbies include cutting hair, cooking, exercising, and listening to classic R&B. Serving an unfortunate prison term and being away from his family inspired Johnny to make positive changes in his life. He received a high A grade in the ASU Inside-Out Prison Exchange class. With great class participation, he brought excellent viewpoints during the criminology course, enlightening inside and outside students. This earned him a position in the ATP, a program that assists and furthers the Inside-Out program. Inside-Out has allowed Johnny to evolve into someone who wants to make a difference in the lives of others. Being a part of the ATP continues to impact him by allowing him to continue his passion of being the best person he can be. Johnny advises anyone doing time or facing a difficult situation to stay strong, keep an open mind, be positive, and seek any avenue to further your learning. Oh and one more thing: pray.

Justin spent his childhood years growing up in Vernon Hills, IL with his twin sister and loving parents. He enjoys skiing, snowboarding, golf, scuba diving, and traveling the world. Justin moved to Arizona, where he attended and graduated from Arizona State University. He earned a B.S. degree in global business and later a Master’s in Business Administration (M.B.A.). Justin is extremely passionate about his philanthropic efforts. He volunteered for several organizations: St. Bernadette Catholic Church as a Life Teen leader, Phoenix Children’s Hospital during Christmas, UMOM reading books to kids, Andre House feeding the homeless, and Young Life Capernaum working with teens and adults with special needs. Justin planned and co-hosted a charity event at Grand Canyon University for those teens and adults, providing them the celebrity treatment. They were dropped off at a red carpet by a stretch limousine with paparazzi waiting to snap their photos. The event successful raised enough money to send 12 teens and adults on a week-long vacation where they experienced things they might have never had an opportunity to experience otherwise. Justin believes his biggest accomplishments were the simple things he did, volunteering his time.


Erik grew up in Northern California. He describes himself as cerebral and prides himself on having a great sense of humor. He is passionate about issues surrounding global warming and ardently believes in conservation of precious resources. He discovered a love for writing, while incarcerated, and attributes this newfound hobby to the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program. He has spent these last four years writing a book and is currently in the process of trying to find a publisher. He strives daily to be the best "man" he can be and hopes to one day have the opportunity to say that he made a positive difference in the world with his life.


Shaun is a native of Phoenix, AZ. He is the profoundly loving and proud father of six adult children, two young ladies and four young men. For almost 15 years of incarceration he has striven daily, putting forth the diligent effort to become the very best version of himself. A great deal of this was achieved through self-reflection, soul searching, and the reading of self-help books. Although Shaun only possesses a GED as his highest level of achieved education, he has always held a deep desire to learn, as he terms it: "a thirst for knowledge." In an attempt to satisfy this ceaseless craving, he enrolled and actively participated in the Spring 2017 Inside-Out program at East Unit. The experience opened his eyes to the vast world of criminology, and the knowledge he gained left him with a passionate desire to effectively bring about change within our legal system. Being accepted into the ATP has been humbling beyond words. It has given Shaun a home so to speak, a sense of belonging to something that counts. The opportunity to learn here is endless because of the intellectual wealth which he is now surrounded by. Most importantly, it gives him a place where he can share his thoughts and ideas with like-minded people which ultimately expands his ability to grow as a person.

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